Who are we?

We are part of Ottoman Group. Besides 25 years of experience, we serve the textile sector with a new generation understanding. We are the solution partner of textile manufacturers who are looking for awareness in dyeing and printing performance.

We are located in the Ottoman Dyeing House, which has a monthly average of 1200 Tons of dyed fabric and has 27 jets, 6 ram, 2 Calender, 2 Chain Sanforizing Machines, 1 Rubber Sanforizing Machine, 1 Free Dryer, 1 Gause, 1 Shardon, 1 Liza, 1 Scissors, 4 Wet Finishing, 1 Aerobin Machine, 1 Kade, 1 Elnino Machine in its structure. In this way, we are able to serve our customers both fast and in various and loaded meters.

In addition to our dyed fabric service, we also have a printed fabric service. We serve our customers unabated with 2 Rotation, 2 Digital, 1 Transfer Printing, 4 Paper Printing, 2 Fixation, 1 Special Washing Machines without any shortage of space.

In our facilities where the latest technologies are used, when producing with our experienced and high-quality staff, our priority is to protect nature and the environment, and the only issue that we cannot be humble about as a group is our respect for the environment when producing. This understanding is not because the laws provide for this, but because environmentalism is a way of life for us. While we offer you a world of colors and patterns, we are proud to achieve this without turning our blue planet gray. Accredited documents and certificates obtained as a result of serious inspections from international and national production inspection organizations are the white pages of our understanding of sustainable environmentalism.